5 days down, 10 to go: thank you @NSTeachersUnion local presidents, reps & members! #withwozney #nstu #president

All NSTU presidential candidates receive 15 days of release time for campaign purposes.

Beginning on the Monday after the close of March break until election day on May 23, candidates have support to cross the province to connect with members at over three hundred sites in 23 locals in every county, 8 school boards, 13 Community College campuses and 3 community learning centres. It’s a huge job, but it’s a treat to work with local presidents, reps and members across the NSTU to make the most of these times.

Today marked the end of day 5 for me, leaving 10 days of campaign time between now and election day. So far, #withwozney’s campaign tally:

  • 17 schools visited
  • 6 candidates forums (check out #withwozney audio from these events here)
  • 13 locals connected
  • 2109.7km logged
  • 23 blog posts, 25 Facebook Posts, 25 tweets, 13 Instagram posts (30 photos)

Thanks to the many who have provided opportunity to meet & interact with NSTU members. Looking forward to the stretch run. Invites and suggestions welcome- hit me back at @withwozney on Twitter, or by email at pwwozney@nstu.ca. See you soon!

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