#strengthtoadvocate : @withwozney on @TheRickHoweShow, December 22/16 #nstu #president #withwozney

After the first five days of school visits & candidate forums in 17 schools/campuses in 13 locals, one tone rings constant: members are ready for a president equipped to handle the hot seat in media interviews.

I shared an op-ed about work to rule as a sample of the writing skills I offer members a few weeks ago. Members have asked whether there’s any examples of how I might deal with the glare of the lights in the interview chair. I managed to track down the link to the first appearance I made on Rick Howe’s talk show on December 22, 2016.


I met Mr. Howe in studio and met the challenge face to face. None of the questions I dealt with were provided in advance, so this is a good sample of my capacity to respond without a script or coaching under pressure.

In voting #withwozney on May 23, you’re supporting the candidate that is already able to articulate the position of teachers with conviction and clarity.

Feel free to talk back- hit me on Twitter @withwozney or via email at pwwozney@nstu.ca. See you on the campaign trail!

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