Why @withwozney on May 23? #withwozney #nstu #president

@withwozney isn’t simply a campaign slogan. It’s a statement of solidarity.
Members want to know how candidates will work to reunify the NSTU, how candidates will advocate for public education, how candidates will lead and partner with the provincial executive.
This video highlights answers to all three essential questions.
Unity comes by working with each other to meet the challenges in front of us. This event involved working with leaders across local boundaries, with the media, with the community. Because of this approach, this video has been streamed more than 41,000 times as part of understanding the Glaze Report and how it will impact students.
Advocacy for public education means most when it is anchored in real voices of real members, when we tell our stories on our terms. The president is an important voice, but this video shows that standing #withwozney means supporting someone already in the habit of sharing key platforms with other voices that carry weight and strength.
This video demonstrates the ability to work with others and respond to others. The content of this talk sprang from discussion and partnership among PE and local leaders from Dartmouth, Halifax City, Halifax County, Lunenburg, Queens and Cape Breton District locals. It reflects the ability to both honour the direction of the table, and to execute it with creativity and teamwork.
Actions reveal character. Sure, the messaging and delivery are effective. But don’t ignore how this event came to be.
On May 23, standing #withwozney means stepping towards an NSTU that comes together, whose voice will ring with conviction and clarity and whose leader will demonstrate both strength and humility in working with others.
See you at the polls- all my best,
Paul Wozney

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