Join the Fight for 15

Hey NSTU siblings,

As affiliates of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, we have committed to supporting and endorsing the Fight for 15 campaign. The aim is to see the minimum wage established at $15/hour in Nova Scotia.

This article outlines the positive economic impact of this move in NYC. Prior to the clownshow Jason Kenney is presently running in Alberta, the minimum wage there was set at $15 and similarly positive impacts were being reported year over year.

Here in NS, the minimum wage is one of lowest in Canada and a factor in the worst-in-Canada child poverty rates we see our students struggling under. At a time where we are collectively bargaining for fair wages, I encourage you all to go to sign up to endorse and support this campaign to improve the living conditions of hardworking Nova Scotians and the students we invest our lives in.

We aren’t just leaders for world class publicly funded public education. We’re also vital advocates for a Nova Scotia where everyone in the communities we live and teach have the opportunity to thrive. Let’s extend our solidarity to see the working poor in our province make a living that provides them the freedom to move from poverty to prosperity!

Thanks for all the ways you #stepup4students. See you at a Labour Day march near you soon!

All my best,


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