#withwozney for NSTU President

This is an odd time to be campaigning for re-election!

With school visits ruled out (a smart, responsible decision by the Provincial Executive!) and many Locals moving to Zoom based Local meetings this fall, both for public health reasons, this campaign will rely heavily on virtual presence and interaction.

For those interested in displaying your support for my re-election, here’s a profile pic you can use on social media.If you’re posting in support, please consider using #withwozney when you do.

My focus remains on providing sound, effective, strong leadership for NSTU members and public education. I believe that’s the kind of campaigning members truly expect and can support.

Always happy to hear from and interact with members to be able to do the best job possible.

Feel free to follow/reach out at:

FB: @withwozney
Twitter: @withwozney
Instagram: @withwozney
Email: pwwozney@nstu.ca

Thanks all!

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