I value that Paul doesn’t back down from a bully and consistently articulates the daily difficulties we face clearly and strongly. He has done well in building bridges and opening internal and external lines of communication. He is approachable, always willing to talk to and hear from members. I can think of no better person to lead the NSTU than Paul Wozney.

Peter Day, Mathematics Coach, Sherwood Park Education Centre, Sydney, NS

I depend on the President to communicate and boldly stand up for our concerns and needs. Despite continued government misinformation about our reality and daily challenges, our current president has delivered two years of consistent, confident messaging for us all. In media interviews and appearances in the Legislature, Paul gets our message across and never backs down on our issues.

Joanne Richardson-Landry, Teacher, Horton High School, Wolfville, NS

Paul is a hands-on leader, willing to acknowledge what he doesn’t know and work closely with those on the front lines to learn from those who do. Accessible and approachable, he leans into complicated and controversial discussions. Paul’s strong advocacy protects our rights and pushes for conditions that benefit our students and ALL members. He has my vote as a passionate voice for members and public education.

Tracy Whittaker-Taggart, School Psychologist, Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education

Paul has given all members across the province a voice that represents collective values and beliefs. He has bridged traditional urban and rural divides by listening, making himself available, visiting locals and communicating with members. He understands what matters to us. Paul has been there for us all as NSTU President. With our help, he can continue the good work he has done so far.

Gerald Reber, Teacher, Plymouth School, Plymouth, NS

As a new Local President and interim Provincial Executive member, Paul listened and made me feel valued. In the most difficult times, he drew members and staff together as a team. His inclusive, dedicated leadership should give us all confidence for what’s ahead.

Julie McVicar, Teacher, St. Andrews Consolidated School, St. Andrews, NS

I had the pleasure of working with Paul at the Provincial Table. I witnessed his unwavering support for both our members and for quality public education. Paul has proven himself to be a valuable leader and has my support for President.

Angela Deagle, Teacher, Bayview Education Centre, Port Hood, NS

What I appreciate about Paul is that he’s excellent with media relations and is not afraid to tackle tough issues.  Through my experience working with him, I have found Paul to be approachable and an excellent listener.  Paul has a calm demeanour that serves our members well. He works hard for us and will continue to do so.

Sunita Pinet, Teacher, Citadel High School, Halifax, NS

Amid the upheaval of the Black Lives Matter Movement and unprecedented complexities of COVID-19, Paul has remained steadfast and worked tirelessly to ensure our emotional and physical wellbeing. As we grapple with turmoil, his commitment to growth and positive change demonstrates he should continue as NSTU president.

Andrea Marsman, School Counsellor, Hammonds Plains Consolidated School, Hammonds Plains, NS